sâmbătă, 23 august 2014


let someone find me or let me know what truly happened in my soul
poetry it's just the pain tree all this nights are filled with pain
knocking on some doors that will never be stop knocking find your bluebird and set her free
no one is waiting for me to be but me counting like one two three
closing my eyes but i can not see spring awakening or whatever someone blind should see
skip a bit skip some years what's not saved will be lost, don't you see?
but we can save no one and we can make no one what we wish them to be
i am freezing and prying to some snakes that look just like me
mirror mirror let us fly life will never be the same tomorrow
i just know there's no sorrow no never ending stories but why
when i try my best i always get nodes i can't digest and something too big is spiting my chest
forgive me for not finishing any letter my letters need some rest
all my good thoughts in the end maybe all this non-sense will mean something someday and being honest is just o.k

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  1. Acum mi-am dat seama ca titlul blogului tau are legatura cu regizorul rus, Tarkovski - Andrei Tarkovski - nu-i asa? Spune-mi daca ma insel. Si el tot ideea de arta si de simbolism o avea in filmele lui.



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