duminică, 16 iulie 2017

banks, taxis and good people

those who want to help will get to heaven
even if heaven is a lie
even if heaven is a lie
visual contact is our way to say
take a sit take a sip my name is however you wanna call me
this is how amelie came to be
counting clouds, strings and strangers
tracking smiles
this is who i am
nothing belongs to me
i am a calm breath
a deer
a human
i am my one thousand mistakes that turned into lessons
i am the tiger that turned into a butterfly and back
seeing things as i am
new sounds new hands bending together
launching myself into reality
eating snakes birds and regrets
can not run from my obsessions but i can build new ones
apartments and houses and trees and whaterfalls
what a beauty - being alive
what a mistery
we should only play
be as we are
go after a new journey every day
when i write i am invincible
so are you
sending signals on the other side
although i sense this is the only side
of the coin
of the empire
take what's not yours
give it back
no return no return
a young girl in the train station
a crocodile talking with his uncle
hey uncle why do we see so much
and breath so little
you see this is an illussion 
there's no mind
no morallity
keep swimming with no effort
observe the observable
there is no end to it
possibly no beginning
keep burning 
salt and species
what a beauty - being alive

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